Yao Mountain - Yao Shan

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3rd May, 2009

Yao Mountain lies only about 12 kilometres from downtown Guilin and therefore almost counts as a city site. At a shade over 900 metres high it is the highest peak in the vicinity of Guilin. It gets its name from the Tang Dynasty Yao Emperor who built a temple on the mountain top.

The cable car

The 1400 metre cable car ride was completed in 1996 using Austrian technology. This provides easy access to the summit as well as wonderful views on the way up. The colours vary with the season but are always a welcome change from city greys.

The toboggan run

There is a toboggan run down the mountain. In its 1000 metre course there are some 18 bends adding some interest to the novelty of descent. It is this feature which, most of all, makes Yao Mountain an attractive destination for family visits. Do not worry about safety; the run is fairly tame and accidents usually only minor scrapes. Best take your own first aid repairs (band-aids, disinfectant) just in case.

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